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Importance of Panel Saw

  • Panel Sizing- First and Most critical operation in the production of components/ furniture.
    • The Cut has to be Straight.
    • Cut at Right Angles.
    • Cut Correct Dimensions.
    • Clean Edges without chipping.
  • If all the above are not achieved while cutting, problem could arise at later stages.
  • It also affects the quality of the end product.
Particle Board
Solid Wood

Altendorf - Why Unique?

The machine is fully enclosed on all 5 sides so that machines frames are torsion free while operating.

High Precision Saw Unit with Altendorf tongue and groove system for tilting & continuous duty motors. The saw unit is completely electronic balanced and made of single cast iron component to make it vibration free.

Altendorf Sliding Table is renowned for its smooth and exact running. The table hollow multi chamber aluminium extrusion guarantees torsion resistance and rigidity.

Sliding table mechanism is Altendorf Hallmark. Double roller carriage sliding table mechanism running on hard chromed guide bars guaranteeing absolute precision.

Fixed heavy duty cross cut fence enables precision cutting of 90 degree angle without affecting factory settings.